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Pastor | Church Leadership & Teaching | Board Member

leading together


Women's Ministry


Church Coach | Board Member

Finance & Administration | Board Member

Free has been in campus ministry for xx years. He’s served as a director and pastor at New Life Church at the University of Michigan as well as the MSU Venue at Michigan State University.  He’s a pastor at h2o Pittsburgh, a Collegiate church plant focused on reaching the University of Pittsburgh. Free is a brilliant visionary who is workign closely with Matt on developing.

Ed has been in campus ministry for xx years. He was a pastor at (The Rock?) at the University of Missouri for the last x years.  He’s a pastor at h2o Pittsburgh, a Collegiate church plant focused on reaching the University of Pittsburgh.  Ed handles all of the finances and administration needs for h2o Austin.

Church Coach | Board Member


Zakk has worked closely with Matt for the last six years, and went into ministry with him after graduating from Michigan State University.  Zakk is on staff at the Collegiate church h2o Pittsburgh.  He handles everything involved with graphic design, the website, social media, and communications.




Campus Dialogues & Events



Re:Action & Outreach

Coach & Board Member | In Pittsburgh


Matt is passionate about Jesus, his wife, his kids, college football, sushi, coffee, and not watching NASCAR. Every single day, he spends hours not watching NASCAR. Matt graduated from the University of Michigan, and  moved to Austin in 2012. He loves the warm weather and sunshine, and doesn't miss winter at all. At h2o, Matt loves helping people grow as followers of Jesus and as leaders; teaching; and planning how to change the world.  He's married to Kristi, and they have made 4 wildly talented and amazing children.


Kristi loves Jesus, her husband, sushi, restaurant food, and running - not from anything in particular, but just for the fun of it.  Kristi is passionate about connecting women with Jesus - whether that’s college students, grads, newly marrieds, or young mothers. She’s been discipling college students since 2003, and she loves meeting with women one on one.  Kristi spends most of her time with her adorable and brilliant kids: Kyra (12), Micah (10), Alana (7), and Jena (4).

Rob was once asked to join a billionaire to tour a tropical island with incredible creatures.  Along with a lawyer, mathematician, and a few kids they discovered the island was full of dinosaurs!  The trip went south, some people got eaten, and he barely made it out alive. Rob also loves movies, traveling, sailing, ultimate frisbee and meat. Rob married way up, and I mean, way up, in 2011 to Laurie and now is busy making babies.  Rob thinks he has the best job in the world.

Laurie is passionate about many things including but not limited to: coffee, politics, Jesus, working out, babies, and monster trucks.Laurie's spirit animal could be described as a mongoose riding a cobra.  Laurie's lived in many places, traveled to over 17 countries and loves to meet new people.  Laurie married Rob in 2011 and they now have two of the cutest kids ever: Lila (2) and Isaiah (3 mo.) If you meet Laurie she'll probably make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Free has been in campus ministry for over 20 years. He’s served as a director and pastor at New Life Church at the University of Michigan and at the MSU Venue at Michigan State.  He’s mentored Matt for over a decade, and is currently serving as a pastor at h2o Pittsburgh. He serves on the board, as well as coaching the church plant.

Board Member | In Pittsburgh


Troy became a Christian as a college student at the University of Michigan and loves helping others learn about and follow Jesus. He loves music, disc golf, and serving the church in whatever ways are needed. He is a pastor at h2o Pittsburgh. Troy serves on the board, as well as helping with music and finances.



Graphic & Web Design | In Pittsburgh

Zakk graduated from Michigan State University in 2010, and went on staff at the campus church there.  While at MSU, Zakk and Matt worked closely together.  Zakk is highly skilled in graphic & web design, marketing, & social media,. Zakk is a pastor at h2o Pittsburgh, and he handles all of the graphic and web design for h2o Austin.


Worship Music Intern

JJ likes to lift heavy things - but not things that are as heavy as the things that Matt lifts...yet.  JJ's interests include theology, music, cats, food, fitness, and a woman named Ruth - his wife. JJ oversees everything music at h2o Church.



Courtney is interning at h2o for the 2017-2018 school year. Her best qualities include encouraging, adventuring and eating impressive quantities of pancakes. Courtney is a full-time student at the University of Texas pursuing a degree in youth and community studies. Being a full-time student and interning on top of that affords her ample leisure time, a stress-free lifestyle, and a generous budget. Actually, it affords her none of those things, but she takes it all in stride. Her favorite pastime is finding a new adventure to go on, and she's passionate about loving Jesus and living a life full of the abundance that is found in Him.

Our team of missionaries love God, love people, and love coming alongside the people of h2o Church. We value serving, and we consider it a joy to help equip h2o to love God and love people. Some of our missionaries are paid, which simply allows them to be more available to serve. These missionaries raise support through Reliant Mission. Other missionaries volunteer their time, serving in key roles to help the church reach UT and Austin.